About Us

Birth of  the "Volks-Air"

   In early 1987 Dunn-Right Incorporated, long time machining and mechanical
specialists, introduced the first "
Volks-Air" air compressor conversion.  This
simple, unique   product has since been satisfying customers around the world.
   In continuous effort to improve our product we asked our customers what
would make it better.  Their replies were: (1) Make it produce more air. (2) As
with any product, lower the selling price!

   This challenge sparked the creation of the new generation of "
compressors.  These compressors, operating with a new concept, not only are
cheaper to build and produce more air but offer numerous other advantages.  
These self-governing, auto-unloading units run with virtually no vibration.  
Their lightweight design and high speed capability make them very efficient.