How does it work? The heart of the concept is a specially designed camshaft.  
This camshaft allows two cylinders to run in their original fashion (four cycle) and
the other two to pump air (two cycle).
These conversions use the original VW cylinder heads and valves on the
pumping and running cylinders.  This provides for a high speed, trouble free

All you need is a dual port type I or type III VW Engine!


DR3D Deluxe Conversion Kit

DR3D Deluxe Conversion Kit consists of the following components: One high quality
Volks-Air pumping camshaft with gear, eight new cam followers, two compression
boosters with mounting hardware, two exhaust pipes and mufflers, two air outlet
flanges, two valve spring shims, two threaded manifold adapters, two aluminum
manifold block off plates, two fan housing plugs, two head shroud wire hole plugs,
one rebuild gasket set, one specially designed 10 gallon 165 PSI ASME Code tank,
two tank-to-engine air lines with mounting flanges, two high quality brass check
valves, two large industrial air filters with silencing tubes, two air filter intake
manifolds and detailed assembly instructions.

Perhaps one of the most unique factors about these units is their ability to self govern and
auto load.  Meaning when maximum pressure is attained the unit stops pumping and
slows down slightly.  When air is used and pressure drops the unit speeds up and starts
pumping again.

View Pricing Page for information and pictures
of the DR3S Standard Conversion Kit and
Sandblasting Equipment.


Complete Units Available

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