DR3S Standard Conversion Kit

DR3S Standard Conversion Kit consist of the following components: One high quality
Volks-Air pumping camshaft with gear, eight new cam followers, two compression boosters
with mounting hardware, two exhaust pipes and mufflers, two air outlet flanges, two valve
springs shims, two threaded manifold adapters, two aluminum manifold block off plates, two
fan housing plugs, two head shroud wire hole plugs, one rebuild gasket set and detailed
assembly instructions.

Volks-Air Sandblaster

Volks-Air Sandblaster is pressure feed blaster designed for large or small jobs. It is rugged
and durable but very compact and portable.

ASME code tank with 100 lb. sand capacity.     
15 feet 3/4 inch hose and fittings enables use of large nozzles.
Choke Valve prevents clogging on humid days.
Slim tank design provides for even sand flow.


Why should you buy a "Volks-Air"?

* Economical: can be built for about one-sixth the cost of comparable models.
Quality: It's guaranteed- Volks-Air comes with an unconditional, no time limit guarantee.
* Easily Maintained: Simple design requires minimum maintenance, repair parts can be   
      purchased at your local part store (compare the cost of repairing other compressors-
      you will save hundreds of dollars with Volks-Air).
* Self-employ: Perfect way to start your own business- can be used for most applications
      that require air.
Volks-Air has a 100% duty cycle.

10" x 28"
44" in Height